Groundworks Contractors London
Recent Project -
Hindu Association Building
Activity: Groundworks and structural works packages
Value: £500,000
Location: Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
Recent Project -
Hindu Association Building
Working for the Milton Keynes Hindu association, we undertook the groundworks and structural works packages of their new community centre in Milton Keynes. This was a project involving complex ground engineering, including a piled foundation and non-ground bearing beams with heave protection. The building sits on a suspended structural slab, which required a specialist construction approach.

Works performed on the project:
▪︎ Site clearance
▪︎ Piling caps
▪︎ Suspended ground beams
▪︎ Steel Reinforcement
▪︎ Installation of gas membranes
▪︎ Suspended concrete floor slabs
▪︎ Bulk Excavations
▪︎ Hard & Soft Landscaping
▪︎ Waterproof & Reinforced Concrete (RC)
▪︎ Underground Drainage and Soakaways

Grounworks Contractors London

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