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ALERON offers a range of specialist construction services including Groundworks, Civil Engineering, Drainage Installations, Concrete Cutting, Roadworks, S278 Highways Works and BWIC.
ALERON has an extensive experience in undertaking groundworks for both commercial and residential developments, including foundations, ground bearing slabs, ground beams for piling and hard landscaping.

▪︎ Foundations
▪︎ Concrete Floor Slabs
▪︎ Block and Beam Floors
▪︎ Bulk Excavations
▪︎ Earth Retention Systems
▪︎ Hard & Soft Landscaping
▪︎ Piling Caps
▪︎ Reinforced Ground Beams
▪︎ Underpinning Works
▪︎ Waterproof & Reinforced Concrete (RC)
▪︎ Underground Drainage and Soakaways
Civil Engineering & Drainage
Our Civil Engineering expertise covers construction of underground drainage, sewers, SuDS and above ground drainage, installation of services, utility connections both on-site and within the public carriageway and temporary ductwork.
Within our Civil Engineering sub-contract packages, we have undertaken construction and alterations to highways, utility connections both on-site and within the public carriageway, temporary ductwork, underground and above ground drainage, form work, footpaths and boundaries.

▪︎ Ductwork & utilities
▪︎ Underground drainage & soakaways
▪︎ On-site utility connections
▪︎ Manholes & inspection chambers
▪︎ Construction & maintenance of roads
▪︎ Construction of carparks & footpaths
▪︎ SuDS & water treatment works
Roadworks & S278 Works
ALERON is an experienced and accredited Roadworks & S278 Works Contractor. We work with developers, main contractors and local authorities, assisting with the development and delivery of adoptable road and highways infrastructure.

▪︎ New or changed site access
▪︎ New or alteration of signalised crossings or junctions
▪︎ Remodelled highway construction
▪︎ Junction modifications & roadworks
▪︎ Roundabout construction & enhancement schemes
▪︎ Cycleway & footpath construction
▪︎ Traffic calming measures
▪︎ Embankment stabilisation
▪︎ Street lighting & signage
Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling
ALERON provide a variety of concrete cutting and coring to both structural and non-structural elements. Our concrete cutting is often in conjunction with the forming of openings in floor slabs as well as installation of below slab gravity drainage.
Our multi-skilled team provide a variety of concrete cutting and coring to both structural and non-structural elements. Our core drilling ranges from holes as small as 15-25mm all the way up to 450mm.

▪︎ Forming opening in horizontal slabs
▪︎ Concrete linear chasing
▪︎ Reinforced concrete breaking
▪︎ Concrete drilling for services of any size
▪︎ Forming & removing openings in pre-cast vertical walls
Site Setup & Enabling Works
ALERON Construction has a wealth of experience in undertaking a host of site setup and enabling works for several large national contractors and have achieved preferred status which is a testament to the quality and reliability of our work.

▪︎ Site clearance & demolition
▪︎ Tree protection
▪︎ Diversion and disconnection of services
▪︎ Ground investigation
▪︎ Decontamination works
▪︎ Ground improvement and compaction
▪︎ Excavation of below-ground obstructions
▪︎ Survey work
▪︎ Creating access routes
▪︎ Perimeter fencing and security provisions
▪︎ Work to neighbouring buildings
Stripout & Demolition
Aleron Construction has a wealth of experience undertaking soft strip and demolition works within sensitive and live environments, in and out of hours, 7 days a week where consideration to the client and public are of utmost importance and noise, dust and disruption must be kept to a minimum whilst high levels of health and safety are exercised, documented and maintained.

▪︎ Removal of Fixtures and Fittings
▪︎ Temporary floors and ceilings
▪︎ Floor coverings
▪︎ Non-load bearing partitions
▪︎ Mechanical and Electrical systems (M&E)
▪︎ Disconnection of utilities
▪︎ Waste management plan

Builder's Work In Connection -
Aleron Construction have successfully delivered multimillion-pound BWIC projects over the last decade for several large national companies and have achieved preferred status with Tier 1 main contracts.

▪︎ Forming apertures in walls, floors and ceilings
▪︎ Concrete core drilling and cutting
▪︎ Wall and floor chasing
▪︎ Construction of plant plinths
▪︎ Structural and non-structural openings
▪︎ Structural and non-structural concrete works
▪︎ Construction of walls
▪︎ Lifts shafts

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