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Recent Project -
Warehouse Extension
Activity: Concrete cutting, groundworks and drainage packages
Value: £150,000
Location: Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
Recent Project -
Warehouse Extension
On this warehouse extension project, ALERON provided the client with a variety of concrete cutting and coring services, specifically in relation to structural floor slabs and external wall openings. Our concrete cutting was done in conjunction with the forming of openings in floor slabs as well as installation of below slab gravity drainage.

Works performed on this project:
▪︎ Forming opening in horizontal slabs
▪︎ Concrete linear chasing
▪︎ Reinforced concrete breaking
▪︎ Concrete drilling for services and dowels
▪︎ Forming & removing openings in vertical walls
▪︎ Excavations
▪︎ Reinforced Concrete (RC)
▪︎ Underground Drainage and Soakaways
▪︎ Hard & Soft Landscaping

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